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Career Options In The Music Industry

Music as a career option might have been unheard of earlier. Now with the number of options available in the music industry it is gaining popularity even though it might seem like an unconventional choice. A career in music does not only mean being a musician or a singer. In fact, there are enoughreasons why it is called an industry. In the earlier days, there were far lesser options when it came to choosing a career. A career was chosen depending on the amount of money you could earn as you continued to work in your chosen field for the rest of your life.

People would prefer to choose careers that would give them stability and a steady source of income. May be these were some of the reasons why music was one of the unpopular career choices earlier. There are certain qualities that you must have if you have decided to consider music as a career choice for yourself. You must be passionate about music and be ready to work hard. Apart from talent, your must also be dedicated towards practice. Here we look at some of the best career options in the music industry:

Music education



Music education is a perfect career option for people with a passion for music as well as teaching. Music teachers not only teach music but they also inspire and help in tapping the creativity of an individual.

Music teachers are responsible for teaching students music performance, theory, composition etc. They teach students about its history and how to appreciate music. You can teach students on a one-on-one basis or in a group setting. Depending on your skills and abilities, they can teach one instrument or a range of instruments.

Some of the career options for music education are music teacher, lecturer, instructor in school, college or university music teacher, private music teacher etc.They could also be a teacher for a choir, band or orchestra.

Music performance


This is one of the most popular career options for the music industry aspirants. The frontman or the frontwoman is the lead performer in the band who gets the maximum amount of attention. They also help in writing the songs of the band and usually are the spokesperson for the band.

The other members of the band are important too. They are the performers who play the different instruments such as keyboard, wind, strings, electronic etc.They could also be a conductor or composer.

A composer is responsible for creating music for film, TV and computer games. They use musicians and sampling to create the required mood by using music that is best suited for the situation.A conductor is the person who leads an orchestra or opera while performing live.

Recording And Music Production

The music industry consists of big music labels. They hire a number of people to produce, mix and make music available to the listeners.

A record producer is one of the most important people in this category. Their job is to guide the entire production process of a song. They need to guide and coach the musicians. They also have to oversee the preproduction process and direct the recording of the song in the studio and in the production process.

A record engineer is responsible for the kind of sound that the listener finally hears as they help in shaping how the song or album sounds. It is the job of the record engineer to set up and operate the equipment that is used to record the sound.

Some of the other career options are becoming an arranger or mix engineer.

Music for film, radio or TV

One can only imagine how incomplete the entire entertainment industry would be without music. Music is used in films, TV, radio and in advertisements too.

A disc jockey or DJ who plays music at nightclubs or events is called a nightclub DJ. A radio DJ is the one who play music on-air. A DJ on the radio also discusses about music, news or other events in between the songs that are played.

A music editor liaises between the composer and a filmmaker. They mix, edit and sync the music to the film to get the best creative output.

You could also choose to be a program director or music director for radio. A program director is the one who programs the radio format and the schedules for the DJs. They also select the radio programs. A music director is responsible for choosing the songs that are going to be played on the radio.


Music events

During any event there is an army of people that are required so that the event is a success. Some of them include a tour manager, sound technicians, light technicians, event manager, stage manager etc.

It would be impossible to have a memorable event without these individuals.

Whatever option you decide to take up, you must keep in mind that being in the music industry involves having an erratic and unpredictable life.

It may be tough in the beginning but the rewards of the hard work you put in will certainly shine soon.

We hope this information helps you making the right career choice for you.